Carpet Cleaning

Carpets look good, feel great and add that touch of warmth and luxury to the home environment but they are also a haven for dust-mites, germs, pollen, pet hair and other micro-irritants. Carpets are like the filter in a home, contaminants settle on them and work their way into the pile. Regular vacuuming will help reduce these levels to a point, however periodic carpet cleaning (at least once a year) is essential to maintain a healthy environment.

It can be quite confusing choosing a Carpet Cleaner, most operators use the less expensive and to be frank, far less effective electric portable machine. To compensate for their lack of extraction power operators will often use harsh chemicals to remove soiling, the carpets are left soggy causing “wet dog smells”, rotting underlay and can also lead to shrinkage. Due to high level of chemical normally left in the carpets, they are likely to re-soil quite rapidly.

The Truck- Mount Steam cleaning system is widely accepted by accrediting bodies and carpet manufactures as the most effective method available. This system, in the right hands will provide a superior finish unrivalled by any other method. Carpet will dry more rapidly, re-soiling is reduced and providing a natural solution is applied, should be completely odourless.

We at Hydro Clean are proud of the fact that we have been using this carpet cleaning system in Southampton since it was first imported into the UK and we have built up our reputation for quality, reliability and fast friendly service.

Many Truck Mounted companies on the internet today go overboard with claims, promises, glitz and sales talk, 25 Step cleaning treatments of which 14 steps can be consolidated into Spot Treatment, Budget Cleans, Full Cleans, Deluxe Cleans etc.

You will hear none of this from us. We only know of one way to clean carpets…Properly !!!

Our £22,000 machine is incredibly powerful, the most powerful available, we use a chemical free hypoallergenic micro splitting method, we are the leading experts in stain removal, stain protection,
allegiant control and we will return your carpets to a condition you will be delighted with.
No one will clean your carpets better that we can and we will do it at an affordable price.

We guarantee it

What makes Hydro Clean special?

  • No other method of carpet cleaning can compare with the power of the “Truck-Mount”
  • We use naturally-based, safe and non toxic cleaning solutions – no shampoos, harsh detergents or solvents
  • Carpets dry in a fraction of the time i.e. 98% moisture recovery as opposed to 50% with a portable machine
  • No danger of shrinkage, colour runs or carpet rot
  • Far deeper clean with residual odours, dust mites and harmful bacteria pumped back to the truck and not re-circulated in your premises
  • We are recognised stain removal experts using the latest and most effective stain re-movable techniques available. If we can’t remove it, no one can
  • We are able to clean the most delicate of rugs, carpets and fabrics
  • Convenient service with minimal disruption to you and your home
  • Unsurpassable cleaning performance that protects your long term investments
  • No dirt-attracting residue or nasty odours left behind after the clean
  • Minimal noise as the machine is outside on the truck
  • Superior Cleaning Power – Approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute
Carpet Cleaning in Southampton

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